At AMD Specialist Coatings we have rapidly developed our oil & gas customer base and are striving to reach the forefront of the offshore and subsea coatings industry in the North East.

We offer the perfect balance between a professional and a personal service. At AMD any required job will be conducted in the most premium manner possible, with the quickest possible turnaround, whilst developing a good client relationship, vital for a continuing, successful business venture.
Top quality, reliable product
Full certification and records including detailed paint reports
Full paper trail
High spec, multi coat systems
Fully contained shot blasting facility
ISO 9001:2008 approved

We fully cater to the need for durable and corrosive resistant equipment when working in an offshore and marine environment. At AMD Specialist Coatings we apply protective coatings on equipment ranging from small – to large scale items.

AMD Specialist Coatings can provide 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 coat coating systems, including all the necessary specifications for the full protection of oil, gas and subsea equipment.

At AMD we guarantee the very best product quality, essential for equipment for this sector, were reliability is a value second to none.

We recognise the need for forward thinking in all industries, particularly in the energy and oil & gas sector, and continue to house the most up to date specialist coatings technology and processes.