At AMD Specialist Coatings we offer the most comprehensive wet paint coating service in the North East. We strive to deliver on individual requirements of packaging transport and specification.

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing superior wet paint coatings and can accommodate a range of wet paint coating specifications in over 1,000 wet paint coating colours to provide resilience in the harshest climate or simply provide a cosmetic finish on materials including steel, aluminium, iron, plastic and wood. Depending on the specification AMD can provide a same day wet paint coating turnaround of your product.
We provide a careful and precise wet paint coating service through every stage of the procedure. Our specialist drying area guarantees a dust free, perfect finish every time. We guarantee premium quality coatings and can provide a certificate of conformity for all of our services (including wet paint coatings).
At AMD Specialist Coatings we are pleased to provide wet paint coating solutions including international protective coatings, ANAC specialist defence coatings and extra life protective coatings, general sub state coatings and over coating on galvanized products.


We are ADM Pressings and our business is built on Pressings, Assembly and Fabrication to the automotive and off-highway markets. It was important for us to work with a local company and AMD Specialist Coatings are on our doorstep delivering new products, repairing work and painting complex products. They are flexible, supportive and their expertise is key to our productive working relationship. Three words I’d use to describe AMD Specialist Coatings are ; Experienced, Proactive and Reliable.
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