We restore motorcycle and car parts as well as general metalwork including fireplaces, gates and furniture.

We ensure complete protection and careful handling of your possession throughout the process. We recognize the personal as well as financial value of many products that we restore and ensure total security of product. Where necessary we will always fully mask the product, protect threads, protect serial/VIN numbers and provide a comprehensive list of parts.

We will blast, protect, paint and polish your object, utilizing our extensive expertise and experience to return your possession to its ‘like new’ state.

We provide the only indoor shot blasting facility in the North East and will quickly remove all corrosion and contaminates from your possession, providing a perfect base to apply specialist coatings.

We also cater for wheel refurbishment including colour changes and removing scuffs. We do not offer wheel repair as once a wheel is cracked it is unlikely that it could be returned to a safe condition.

We are sure that you will be delighted by the results that we at AMD specialist coatings can provide, as well as our service before, during and after the process.