AMD Specialist Coatings has been owned by Managing Director Steve Davis for over 15 years. The name AMD stands for Abby May Davis, the name of Steve’s daughter who 20 years ago was only one year old and very ill. Abby fought through her illness and is now a happy young woman, AMD was named after her in the hope that it would live and grow as Abby did. AMD continues to rapidly expand as a business and has a bright future ahead.

Steve has been in the coatings trade since leaving school and is an expert in the field. Steve has always emphasised quality and customer care, AMD continues to trade with these as our core values.

Our headquarters, located in the Team Valley Trading Estate, are equipped with the latest in specialist coatings technology as well as the newest Akzo Nobel coating products available, to ensure we provide the professional high quality service associated with Service First.

At AMD Specialist Coatings we have the capacity to cater for all small, medium and large sized coating projects. We can apply many types of coatings including wet paint coatings, powder coatings, epoxy coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, protective coatings and other specialist coatings.


Our Team 

Steve Davies

Managing Director

Ben Middleton

Sales Manager

Liam Dunn

Customer Accounts

Steven Goicoechea

Production Manager

Why Customers Choose Us

Reliability & Responsiveness